Cowboy Cultural Committee
of Visalia, California
Chuckwagon Cooks

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Pardon our dust while we're still buildin' fences, but we hope you'll set-a-spell and smell the coffee!   And while you're restin', learn what the COWBOY CULTURAL COMMITTEE and CHUCKWAGON COOKS are all about.


The “CCC” as we call ourselves, is a non-profit organization started in the early 1980's in our hometown of Visalia, California - by a lady named Lani Hernandez. Her major aim was to promote our western heritage, both locally and on a larger scale.  At the same time, as we are fans and practitioners of the "Cowboy Way", we work hard all year long to finance and organize an annual Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering each October.


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Preserving the Cowboy Way!!